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The Planet Mappers

An Exciting Adventure About Locating New Planets for Human Colonization

The Dark Other

What Changes a Man from Quiet and Gentle to Terrifyingly Violent

The Land That Time Forgot

Classic Edgar Rice Burroughs Sci-Fi Adventure

The Monster Men


Science fiction, adventure, South Seas pirates, romance and more.

The Scarlet Lake Mystery


Suspenseful Addition to the Rick Brant Science Series

The Crystal Crypt


"ATTENTION, Inner-Flight Ship, Attention

The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne

Jules Verne's Last Story

Doubtless, no one has forgotten that terrible northeast gale which vented its fury during the equinox of that year. It was a hurricane lasting without intermission from the 18th to the 26th of March.

The People that Time Forgot


Travel back to a prehistoric land where everyday is a struggle to survive!

The Thing in the Attic


It is written that after the Giants came to Tellura from the far stars…

The Metal Monster


Discover a horrifying world of living metal plotting the destruction of all mankind!

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