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The American Family Robinson


The Adventures of a Family Lost in the Great Desert of the West

The Lost Continent

Adrift in the Wilds

Cabin Fever

Thrilling Stories of the Ocean

From authentic accounts of modern voyagers and travellers; designed for the entertainment and instruction of young people.

The White Waterfall

I bent my back to the oars and pulled with every muscle strained. The perspiration half blinded me, but one glance upward convinced me that I had sensed the captain's motive when I saw him rush from the side. He was standing on the poop, taking deliberate aim at me with a Winchester rifle that he had taken from the rack in his own cabin.

Thrilling Adventures by Land and Sea

There is in the adventures of the daring and heroic, something that interests all.

Wildfire by Zane Grey

For some reason the desert scene before Lucy Bostil awoke varying emotions–a sweet gratitude for the fullness of her life there at the Ford, yet a haunting remorse that she could not be wholly content–a vague loneliness of soul–a thrill and a fear for the strangely calling future, glorious, unknown.


Incredible Adventures


Five Stories of Suspense and Adventure!

Wolf Hunters: A Tale of Adventure in the Wilderness

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