SQL Safety Net

Protect All Your Blogs, Forums And Membership Sites From Disastrous Damage Or Loss

Do you use any sort of script on your web hosting, such as a blog, forum or membership script?

If so, you'll be using at least one MySQL database.

Although these databases are usually quite reliable, they can still get corrupted – especially on a busy shared server.

And that can result in all your valuable data getting lost.

For a blog, you'd lose all the posts and comments.

For a forum, you'd lose all the contents.

And for a membership site, you'd lose all your membership details.

Clearly this would be a total disaster for any online business.

The only safe solution is to regularly back up your databases.

But backing up is a hassle – and most people couldn't be bothered – or just forget to do it.

Now there is a simple solution, in the form of our special SQL Safety Net software.

Just set it up on your server and it will automatically make backups of all your databases every day, helping to keep your data safe.

This EXE software app comes with Master Resell Rights.

Retail Price: $9.95
Our Price: $1.00


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