The Dark Other

What Changes a Man from Quiet and Gentle to Terrifyingly Violent

There was a rush of motion as her eyes left the form of her antagonist.

A hand was clamped violently over her mouth, an arm passed with steel-like rigidity about her body.  Nicholas Devine was dragging her toward the steps; she was half-way down before she recovered her wits enough to struggle.

She writhed and twisted in his grasp. She drove her elbow into his body with all her power, and kicked with the strength of desperation at his legs. She bit into the palm across her mouth—and suddenly, with a subdued grunt of pain, he released her so abruptly that her own struggles sent her spinning blindly into the bushes of the hedge.

She turned gasping, unable for the moment to summon sufficient breath to scream. The other stood facing her with his eyes gleaming terribly into her own; then they ranged slowly from her diminutive feet to the rumpled ebony of her hair that she was brushing back with her hands from her pallid, frightened face…

This exciting and terrifying 113 page PDF ebook comes with Master Resale Rights.

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